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Webdesign Inbe heeft al meer dan 10 jaar ervaring wat betreft ontwerpen van website’s.De laatste jaren bouwen wij onze website’s met Wordpress, omdat deze na installatie gewoonweg eenvoudig aanpasbaar is voor de klant.Elke klant ontvangt dan ook een handleiding in Pdf om zijn website aan te passen.Verder werken wij samen met grafische ontwerpers waardoor Uw website oogstrelend wordt, en bovendien past elk ontwerp zich automatisch aan voor Tablet’s en smartphone’s. Uw droom website is letterlijk slechts een paar klikken verwijderd! In een tijd waar de meeste bedrijven voor ontwerp of functionaliteit kiezen, zijn wij er in geslaagd om beiden te kunnen aan te bieden.

  • Basic Webdesign

    Each Templatic theme is one of the most advanced WordPress themes in its niche. Most of our themes provide features that are simply not available anywhere else.

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  • Premium Webdesign

    All registered members can receive help via two support systems, Helpdesk (private) and forums (public). Get the best technical support around!

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  • Excellent Webdesign

    Along with the theme guide that comes with each theme purchase, each registered member also has access to our extensive documentation library with various WordPress-related articles.

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  • Restyling Webdesign

    Sales pages and demos allow you to learn a lot of about a theme, but they don't show you everything. With our test site you can see the admin back-end in action and see whether the theme meets your needs.

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  • 1-click Install

    Want to make your site look like our demo? It's one click away! This feature makes it easy to get started, especially because the added data can be removed afterwards.

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  • Make Money

    Instead of relying on secondary revenue streams such as ads, most Templatic themes come with built-in payment systems that allow you to process payments and make money without any additional apps.

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  • Theme Updates

    To provide maximum compatibility with WordPress and some plugins, our themes are routinely updated. We also aim to release upgrades for popular themes at least once a year.

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  • Track Record

    Over the past five years we have helped create tens of thousands of sites. To read the experiences of some of our customers be sure to visit the testimonials page.

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Templatic has the best support of any wordpress theme seller I have ever worked with. They always respond promptly and always find a way to help. It's reassuring to me to know there's someone on the other end that actually cares if you’re satisfied. - Sandra
Templatic offers world class WordPress theme support and unique, highly innovative and professionally useful WordPress themes. So glad to have found you! All the best and many more years of creativity, productivity and success. - John Smith
Templatic has the best support of any wordpress theme seller I've ever worked with. They always respond promptly and always find a way to help. It's reassuring to me to know there’s someone on the other end that actually cares if you’re satisfied. - Mark Todd

About Us

We are a company that specializes in creating business solutions in a form of WordPress themes. With 5 years under our belt we are one of the oldest companies in the business and have helped thousands in creating their dream website. What makes Templatic stand out is the unique approach to theme development. In a time where most companies choose either design or functionality, we aim to bring best of both worlds. As a result, our themes both work and look the part eliminating the need for any additional plugins or extensions.Approach to Theme Design is another aspect which sets Templatic apart from many other companies. Each theme released has been created with the potential visitor in mind. Business sites tend to have a more professional look while modern directories often display vivid colors with lots of dynamic content. All of this is reflected in our theme’s designs.

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